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The VH e-motion Series is considered the early 2000's Loud Professional flagship from which came out our fundamental principles that became a true guideline.
Controlled directivity, high efficiency, lower distortions, powerful bass and strong impact, wide dinamyc range, flat and smooth frequency response are some of the main features of the VH e-mnotion Series.
Emotions are something that cannot be explained by a technical process. Emotions are feelings, sensations, perceptions, something magical.
Wherever you move, horizontally and vertically, within the venue the mission is deliver the best quality listening experience  never felt before! Giving everyone exactly the same emotions having an extraordinary sound impact never tiring the hearing for a clear, undistorted, well detailed and extended frequency response.
This ambitious concept characterizes the VH e-motion Series from which it takes the name by the same emotions experienced on the Vertical “V” and  horizontal “H” axis.



Dedicated long throw Three way Mid-Bass/Mid-hi enclosure. All horn loaded design, 2 x 10in. LM, 2in.+1in coaxial MHF. more


VH Bass215H
VH Bass215H
Dedicated long throw Bass enclosure. All horn loaded design, 2 x 15in. LF. more


Dedicated long throw Mid-Bass/Mid-High enclosure. All horn loaded design, 1 x 12in. LM, 1.4in. MHF. more