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This products range includes all the most challenging Full-Range systems within the VH family. There are three different systems, VH F15EV, VH F15 e VH F12, all of them featuring high performance standards, absolutely self-sufficient when deepness and great expression at the lowest frequencies are not required. Reduced dimensions and lightweight strongly simplify their employment making them ideal partners in a wide range of applications. Let’s point out the perfect combination with the subwoofer systems of the VH Subwoofer family, whose generous contribution allows to satisfy any request, especially in conditions when most accurate and deep reproduction of low frequencies is demanded. The VH F12 is the only fully passive system because it is provided with a highly steep crossover filter whose task is to make sure that the two Medium-low/Medium-high fundamental sections are perfectly aligned within the transition region.



VH F15EV copy
Three way Full-Range system, All horn loaded design, 15.in. LMF, 2x 6.5in. MF, 2in. HF. more


VH F15 copy
VH F15
Two way, bi-amp. Full-Range system, 15.in. LMF, 2in. MHF. more


VH F12 copy
VH F12
Two way Full-Range system, 12.in. LMF, 1in. MHF. more