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VH Infra218R

VH Infra218R


18" RCF

One of the most successful of the VH Subwoofer family, the VH Infra218R with its unique design was originally thought as a system expressly dedicated to the reproduction of the infra-bass frequencies, the deepest of the sound spectrum. Equipped with two 18in. long excursion Neodymium woofers, loaded in acoustically separated chambers and tuned in Bass-reflex volume. The Infra is mostly characterized by great power and the accuracy with which any program can be reproduced with maximum precision at top speed, still maintaining the percentage quote of harmonic distortion and power compression at minimum levels.

It is able to generate out of the ordinary sound pressure levels, sensational and smoothing in its expressions, and it’s an optimal combination in many applications where the most accurate and deepest reproduction of low frequencies is requested.

The latest technologies employed in the construction of the transducers allow for very long activities without penalizing the system performances even for hours and hours of intense work.

Significant building criteria, together with the employment of the latest technologies and innovative materials, are able to guarantee great reliability and longevity.

The anti-scratch Polyurea final paint makes the cabinet extremely resistant to atmospheric agents.

It can be as well matched with all the most challenging Full-Range and Line-Array of the VH Full-Range/VH Line-Array family.

It can be widely employed in Large Open Spaces, Arenas, Stadiums, Theaters, Conference Halls, Concert Halls and Large Scale Discos.






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Twins 18in. Long excursion


Direct Radiating Subwoofer


Frequency range: 32Hz-1kHz +/-4dB
Crossover points:


Power handling: LF1+LF2: 3.600+3.600 Watts Program
Sensitivity: 106 dB 1W+1W@1mt
Nominal coverage: Omni
Nominal impedance: Two 8 ohms
Input connections: Two Neutrik NL4MPR Speakon
  connector paralleled
Enclosure Construction  
Shell: 18mm 13 Ply birch
Finish: Black or white Polyurea coated paint
Grille: Powder coated Steel
Height front: 1160mm(45.66")
Height back: 1160mm(45.66")
Width front: 815mm(32.08")
Width back: 395mm(15.55")
Depth: 830mm(32.67")
Net weight: 108kg(238.1lbs)

Lab Gruppen

Preferred Amplifier PLM Series 20.000Q

PLM 10.000Q




Preferred Amplifier FP+ Series 14.000



VH Infra218R




MLS - Frequency Response



Frequency Response VH Sub218H




VH Infra218R




VH Sub218R Grille