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VH Layer212H

VH Layer212H






The VH Layer212H is a three way high performances Line-Array element with all horn loaded design and it’s a further step ahead compared to the VH Layer112H+EMD.

It is equipped with two 12in. woofer in a hybrid configuration, horn loaded and tuned in a bass-reflex volume, two 6.5in. horn loaded twin midranges and three 1in. drivers in combination with a planar wave guide.

It is a full bandwidth system for applications not requiring great deepness in low frequency reproduction.

The two 12in. horn loaded ensure to extend the system response towards low frequencies down to 60Hz , also thanks to the Bass-reflex tunnels which, being inserted inside the loading device, offer a significant contribution wherever the system appears to be less effective.

The auditory perception assures a wide range of more detailed information, strongly higher with respect to the ordinary level of accuracy; a powerful sound impact is guaranteed.
Significant building criteria, together with the employment of the latest technologies and innovative materials, are able to guarantee great reliability and longevity.
The anti-scratch Polyurea final paint makes the cabinet extremely resistant to atmospheric agents.
It can be as well matched with all the most challenging subwoofer systems of the VH Subwoofer family: VH Sub118/218R, VH Infra218R, VH Sub218H/ VH Sub121H.
It can be widely employed in Large Open Spaces, Arenas, Stadiums, Theaters, Conference Halls, Concert Halls and Large Scale Discos.








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Twins 12in. Low-Mid Horn,

  2 x 6.5in. Mid Horn, 3 x 1in. exit wave planar compression driver Hi Horn
Frequency range: 65 (-10dB)Hz-21kHz +/-4dB
Crossover points:

LMF/MF/HF: 65Hz/350Hz/2.2kHz

Power handling: LMF/MF/HF: 2.600/720/480 Watts Program
Sensitivity: LMF/MF/HF: 106.5/109/116.5dB 1W@1mt
Nominal coverage: 90°H/10°V (@-6dB point)
Nominal impedance: LMF/MF/HF: 4/8/5.7 ohms
Input connections: Two Neutrik NL8MPR Speakon
  connectors paralleled;
  NL4MPR: VH Bass out
Enclosure Construction  
Shell: 18mm 13 Ply birch
Finish: Black or white Polyurea coated paint
Grille: Powder coated Steel
Height front: 445mm(17.51")
Height back: 350mm(13.78")
Width front: 1280mm(50.39")
Width back: 1280mm(50.39")
Depth: 625mm(24.61")
Net weight: 90Kg(198,42lbs)

Lab Gruppen

Preferred Amplifier PLM Series 10.000Q

PLM 10.000Q




Preferred Amplifier FP+ Series 10.000Q



Wiryng VH Layer212H






VH Infra218R










VH Layer212H on Skate










VH Sub218R Grille






Stack on Skate   Stack on Skate

VH Layer212H Flybar Kit



Flybar Kit - Skate


VH Layer212H Cluster



VH Layer212H Skate

Skate Fast Llock System Skate Cluster




Technical Drawing || Product Code40002


Drawing VH Layer212H


>> Dedicated Three-way Line-Array enclosure

>> All Horn Loaded Design, high performances

>> Floor & Sub-Stacking possibility

>> Proprietary Integrated fast rigging

>> Skate

>> Accessories


Applications: Touring || Theatre || Congress || Club


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