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This range includes all the Stage-Monitor systems of the VH family, from the smallest VH SM6 to the biggest VH SM212. Four different systems with four different main features which makes it possible for these to be employed in every possible application that demands for a specific Stage-Monitor system. All of them featuring high performance levels, they can be primarily employed for providing sound to stages of any sizes. But this not all these systems can do, in fact all four models can also function as PA systems and, for ambience diffusion, as a perfect PA/Stage-Monitor combination. Threaded inserts on the two sides allow for the suspension, the ideal shape of the VH SM6, VH SM15 and the VH Sm212 with a 90° angle makes it easier to position the device between the wall and the ceiling, thus minimizing the space and visual impact.


Two way, Stage Monitor, coaxial design, 6.5in. LMF, 1in. MHF. more


Dual Purpose PA/Stage Monitor, coaxial all horn loaded design,12in. LMF, 1.4in. MHF. more


Two way, bi-amp coaxial Stage Monitor, 15in. LMF, 1.4in. MHF. more


VH SM212
VH SM212
Three way, bi-amp high performances Stage Monitor, 2 x 12in. LMF, 6.5in. MF, 1.4in. MHF. more