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Smart Sub1.8H



The Smart Series is the next generation high performance self powered loudspeaker system comprising three full range and three subwoofer models, expressly designed for all applications where versatility, compact dimensions and lightweight are essential, while keeping great performances and high efficiency with no compromise.
Smart Series meets the needs of touring houses, installations, and the most demanding live sound applications ensuring they can deploy a no-compromise, all-in-one solution featuring the legendary Loud Professional performances and comfort listening.
Smart Sub1.8H is a fully Horn loaded system housing a single 18in. (460mm) long excursion transducer.
The optimized horn loading path consistently increases the LF efficiency also extending the frequency response.
Considering the compact dimensions and the system type, extended is the low frequency reproduction, specially in the lower end region where the unit is able to reproduce frequencies down to 45Hz with a plenty and sensational sound impact for an unrivaled Bass-punch as you've never heard before!   
The result becomes more evident specially when coupling several units in a large array for really long throw applications.
The special system ability to control the transducers linear excursion keep really low the total harmonic distortion levels, still maintaining a great linearity in the lower frequency reproduction for the fastest transient response all over conditions.
A class D two channels amplifier module provides an exceptional output power, specifically designed for mono bridge applications where high output voltage level is required for only one amplification channel. It's the perfect engine to drive high power rock solid single subwoofer as the Smart Sub1.8H.
Highest grade audio accuracy is guaranteed by fixed frequency switch mode output stage, avoiding any intermodulation artifact, and by the new "Control Plus" board allowing to achieve +6 dB more in terms of Signal-to-Noise Ratio.
The Smart amplifier module is an extremely compact solution: power supply, output stage, DSP board and connectors are all included in a single, small, lightweight and protected chassis, and the perfect compatibility with the other Smart Series products allows to minimize efforts for mechanical development of different products.
As for all Smart products, the Smart Sub1.8H amplifier module is shaped and controlled using the DSP boards available to design the sound of the loudspeaker with a large set of processing algorithms.
To achieve best performance in terms of fidelity, output capability across the audience it combines onboard state-of-the-art transducers and Powersoft amplifier module with a DSP programmable via remote control and at the same time allows networking connection.
The management software Armonia-Pro audio suite allows to customize the sound based on the own specific needs and to upload 4 different standard presets for the most common applications.
Versatility is a key attribute of the Smart Sub1.8H.
It is designed to meet a multitude of premium stand-alone and distributed sound reinforcement requirements: theatre, touring and portable live sound applications, corporate events, concert hall.
Ideal as the main PA in small-to-medium size rooms, it can also be used as an front/in/out-fill/drum-fill loudspeaker in large-scale systems supplemented by different full ranges of the Smart Series.
The M20 threaded insert integrated adapter on top panel allows the Smart full range to be stacked on. 
Great performances, compact dimensions and lightweight make the Smart Sub1.8H incredibly smart & portable broadening the applications range, specially in mobile solutions.
Significant construction criteria, combined with the latest technologies and innovative materials, ensure a great reliability. 
The Smart Sub1.8H cabinet is constructed from marine plywood and has an impact and weather protected PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish. 
The system can be as well matched with the Loud Professional Smart full ranges, boosting their LF extension.
Applications: Theaters, Conference Halls, Concert Halls, Large Scale Discos, Clubs & Bars.



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Powered subwoofer, fully Horn Loaded

Transducers: Single 18in. long excursion subwoofer
Frequency range: 45Hz-250Hz +/-4dB
Crossover points:

HPF- LPF: 40Hz - 90/100/110/120Hz (electronics)

Power rated: LF: 1500 Watts Program
Maximum SPL: 134dB continuos 140dB peak
Nominal coverage: Omni
Audio Input connectors: Female XLR input, male XLR link outputNeutrik
Mains connectors: Powercons In & Out
Amplifier module  
Class: Two channel switch mode, Class D
Power supply: Universal, regulated switch mode
Nominal power requirement: 100-240 V ±10%, 50-60 Hz
Operating voltage: 90V - 264V
Thermal 0°- 45°C - 32°- 113°F
Gain: 38 dB (voltage1 gain x40)
Input sensitivity: 11.15V / 3.43 dBu
Max input level: 15 dBu
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (±0.5 dB) @ 1 W, 8 Ω
S/N ratio: > 112 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz, A weighted)
THD+N: < 0.05% from 1 W to full power (typically < 0.01%)
IMD: < 0.02% from 1 W to full power (typically < 0.005%)
Input impedance: 10 kΩ balanced
Slew rate: 50 V/μs @ 8Ω, input filter bypassed
Damping factor: > 500 @ 100 Hz
AD Converter: Dual 24 bit 48 kHz Tandem® architecture with 118 dBA S/N, THD < 0.02% (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
DA Converter: Dual 24 bit 48 kHz Tandem® architectureb with 115 dBA dynamic range, THD < 0.02% (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Internal precision: 28 bit data path with 56 bit inner processing
Firmware: Update via ethernet port or RS485
Latency: 0.644 ms fixed latency architecture
Crossover: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel: 6 dB/oct to 48 dB/oct
Delay: up to 10 ms per output
Limiters: Peak limiter, RMS limiter, frequency dependent RMS limiter
Enclosure Construction  
Shell: 18mm 13 Ply birch
Finish: Black or white Polyurea coated paint
Grille: Powder coated Steel
Height front: 700mm(27.55")
Height back: 700mm(27.55")
Width front: 530mm(20.86")
Width back: 530mm(20.86")
Depth: 770mm(30.31")
Net weight: 47kg(103.61lbs)



Integrated amplifier module


Amp. module



Two channel professional amplifier with DSP on board








Smart Sub1.8H





Smart Series


Smart Series Full-Range







MLS - Frequency Response



Frequency Response VH Sub218H




Technical Drawing || Product Code70004


Drawing Smart Sub1.8H

Features <<

Dedicated Sub-bass powered system <<

Efficient Class D amplifier <<

Onboard programmable DSP, programming connector <<

Remote control & Networking <<

Four programmable DSP presets <<

Clip limiter and permanent signal limiter <<

Preset led and preset selector push button <<

Input volume potentiometer <<

Powercons In & Out <<

  • 2 XLR connectors for mono input + link output <<

Portable Sound & light weight <<

Four handles for easy setup <<

PCP Polyurea coated paint <<

Protection Bag <<

Accessories <<


Applications: Theatre || Congress || Club || Portable


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